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Academy of Jazz has made a name for themselves as the premier Jazz Dance studio in Hong Kong.

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Jazz dance is based on a strong technical foundation in Ballet, however it expands upon the full range of movement and expression available to incorporate elements of modern, funk, lyrical, musical theatre and contemporary. Competition teams, exam classes, performances, and fun classes available.

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Hip Hop

We use the popular Urban Ignition Hip Hop Curriculum to provide a basic foundation for our hip hop classes. The syllabus provides a technical base in Hip Hop with a strong style element and room for creative solo and crew choreography. Open Hip Hop classes and exam classes available.

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Academy of Dance has introduced a ground-breaking syllabus bringing a fresh approach to ballet whilst retaining all the discipline and technique of traditional RAD ballet. Performances and exams available

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Contemporary Dance is the most emotive of the dance genres we provide training for, requiring a lot of skill and strength in floor we provide a curriculum to transform our dancers into delightful imaginative storytellers.

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We follow the JazzAddict Australasia, ​Urban Ignition Hip Hop syllabus, ​Lucidity Contemporary Syllabus, La Beauté Ballet syllabus and RAD Ballet syllabus.

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We are a group of Professional and highly qualified Dance instructors with many years of experience in both the technical and performance aspects of Dance.

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