Our Jazz Program

Academy of Dance has made a name for themselves as the premier Jazz Dance studio in Hong Kong. Jazz is a combination of Modern ballet and stylised street dance combining the best of all the technical difficulties of ballet and the energetic upbeat punchy movements of Modern. For the past 5 years Academy of Dance has consistently taken home gold medals at multiple local, regional and international dance competitions in the solo, duo, trio and troupes grading. A significant part of our success is our professional exam based training programs. Our classes incorporate lyrical, jazz, leaps, floorwork, turns, musical theatre, student and teacher choreography and performance skills. Check out our jazz classes for more info.

Our Hip Hop Program

We use the popular Urban Ignition Hip Hop Curriculum to provide a basic foundation for our hip hop classes. The syllabus provides a technical base in Hip Hop with a strong style element and room for creative solo and crew choreography. Our open Hip Hop classes for teens and seniors are free flow street style hip hop taught by current Hip Hop masters in Hong Kong.

Our Ballet Program

Academy of Dance has introduced a ground-breaking syllabus bringing a fresh approach to ballet whilst retaining all the discipline and technique of traditional ballet. We are delighted to introduce to our students Miss Maryna of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy to train and enhance our students classical technique and ballet performance. We offer both recreational Ballet classes, examinations and competitions for those students who wish to join our competitive dance troupes.

La Beauté Ballet was devised to provide classical training to those who wish to incorporate ballet in their dance repertoire without having to sacrifice training in other genres. La Beauté ballet enables the millennial dancer to have a strong classical foundation whilst being versatile across all dance genres. La Beauté Ballet is an examination based syllabus and students will be examined annually.


Contemporary Dance is the most emotive of the dance genres we provide training for, requiring a lot of skill and strength in floor we provide a curriculum to transform our dancers into delightful imaginative storytellers.

Lucidity contemporary is a stimulating and dynamic dance curriculum which explores emotional connection.

Technical aspects include; controlled leg work, torso contract-release, floor work – fall and recovery. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction are incorporated.

Lucidity is an examination based syllabus and students will be assessed annually.

Our Acro Programme

We are an Acrobatic Arts certified studio with registered teachers. The classes focus on 5 core elements; flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling.

Effective and safe progressions take the beginner preschool level dancer from log rolls and forward rolls to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage.

This is a great class to take in addition to another of our classes as it can help to create versatile dancers.