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Kids Programs

Every child develops in a way that is unique to them! Academy of Dance provides dance programs for the serious dancer seeking intensive training and opportunities for competitive experience, through to the dancer who wants a fun class to bring life and health to their bodies and minds. From as young as 2 years through to adults. We provide the full spectrum of dance classes to suit you and your family.

Our Jazz Program

Academy of Dance - Jazz Dance Program

Academy of Jazz has made a name for themselves as the premier Jazz Dance studio in Hong Kong.

​Jazz dance is based on a strong technical foundation in Ballet, however it expands upon the full range of movement and expression available to incorporate elements of modern, funk, lyrical, musical theatre and contemporary. We use pop music and upbeat expressive choreography to encourage students to master their bodies and bring out their personalities to shine. Jazz dance teaches children musicality, balance, posture, coordination, expression, and strengthens and tones the body.

Our Hip Hop Program

Academy of Dance - Hip Hop Dance Classes

We use the popular Urban Ignition Hip Hop Curriculum to provide a basic foundation for our hip hop classes. The syllabus provides a technical base in Hip Hop with a strong style element and room for creative solo and crew choreography.

Technical amalgamations incorporate arm and foot combinations, travels and turns, isolations, tutting and floor work. Students participate in annual examinations and performances throughout the year including our annual showcase.

Our Ballet Program

ballet classes

Academy of Dance has introduced a ground-breaking syllabus bringing a fresh approach to ballet whilst retaining all the discipline and technique of traditional ballet.

La Beauté Ballet was devised to provide classical training to those who wish to incorporate ballet in their dance repertoire without having to sacrifice training in other genres. La Beauté ballet enables the millenial dancer to have a strong classical foundation whilst being versatile across all dance genres. La Beaute Ballet is an examination based syllabus and students will be examined annually.


Academy of Dance - Contemporary dance classes

Contemporary Dance is the most emotive of the dance genres we provide training for, requiring a lot of skill and strength in floor we provide a curriculum to transform our dancers into delightful imaginative storytellers.

Lucidity contemporary is a stimulating and dynamic dance curriculum which explores emotional connection.

Technical aspects include; controlled leg work, torso contract-release, floor work – fall and recovery. Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed and direction are incorporated.

Lucidity is an examination based syllabus and students will be assessed annually.

Teen Dance Classes

From Hip Hop, to Commercial Jazz and Jazz Funk our Teen Programs provide an option for all levels of dancers. From beginners who want an extra form of exercise, to the dancer who wants to train 3 or 4 times a week to achieve their personal best and enter auditions for dance companies and dance schools. Our Teachers are trained professionals with extensive performing experience who can offer support and guidance to students seeking a career path in dance. Teens can opt for an examination class or open classes depending on their level and ambition.

Adult Classes

Adult Ballet and Adult Dance fit classes are available for the adult beginner seeking to try something new and fun!

Adult Ballet

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Details coming soon!

About Adult Fitbodies

adults doing fitness

Adult Fitbodies Program is your perfect solution if you are considering loosing weight or maintaining firness!

You will learn a dance routine, step by step, instructed by our energetic dance coach and then repeat gradually increasing speed for a non stop full cardio, whole body workout!

Fitbodies leaves you sweating out the bad stuff, toning up the good stuff, and lifting the negative thoughts of the day replacing “it’s too hard”, with “yes I can!” Classes are 45 minutes with the option of staying on for a 15 minute quiet stretch in the studio, or rushing off to your next activity for the day or evening.