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“At first I was worried she may not be able to focus on the screen, but surprisingly she could throughout the lesson. Thank you Ms Rhian for your fun and encouraging leading as always.”

– Kirin’s Mum

“Amazing! Actually I didn’t expect Mio loves the online lessons so much because she sometimes refused it in kindergarten a few months ago. Thanks to Ms Rhian and all your support. She got energy, passion and love from the online lessons, which is amazing!!!! Mio said she wants to attend your lesson everyday and forever! Haha!”

– Mio’s Mum

“Thanks so much for all that you are doing to continue to provide for Anna’s age group. It’s not easy, and you are doing a fabulous job. Thanks.”

– Anna’s Mum

Benefits of Zoom

Classes are completely interactive. You will receive feedback from your teachers as well as being able to interact with your dance friends! This helps us to maintain a sense of community & staying connected to each other. 
A sense of normality & routine for our dancers. Students are working with their regular teachers towards predetermined dance goals in our zoom classes such as individual technique & examination preparation. 
Zoom classes ensure dancers stay strong and ready for their return to the studio. Online classes mean we keep dancing, gain flexibility & stay healthy. 
Dancing is wonderful for your mental health! Dancing is a great release and way to stay happy and release stress. 
No travel time, which means more time for extra stretching! 
Gaining new valuable life skills such as being adaptable & self motivated. 
Focusing solely on yourself during these classes & not others around you, a great chance to continue to build up your confidence from the comfort of your own home! 
Getting used to performing in front of the camera & getting over any camera shyness.